Created by 6jackb


When Ben dies Azmuth gives Ship the Ultimatrix packed with all new aliens! Sweet!


  1. Ship
  2. Gwen
  3. Kevin
  4. Julie
  5. Baz El
  6. Retrograde
  7. Max
  8. Azmuth
  9. Eunice
  10. Xylene
  11. Myaxx
  12. Tetrax
  13. Gluto


  1. Four Arms
  2. Heatblast
  3. Wildvine
  4. Humanman
  5. Anoditey
  6. Osmon
  7. Fasttrack
  8. Echo Echo
  9. Rath
  10. Swirls


  1. The Day That Ben Tennyson Died
  2. When Theres An Upgrade Theres A Way

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