(Upgrade and Sublimino are fighting)

Upgrade: You suck!

Sublimino: No, I don't!

(Sublimno takes out a pikl)

Sublimno: Prepare to die, 'Grade.


(Sublimno stabs Upgrade and escapes)

(Upgrade is on the ground bleeding)

Upgrade: Curse you, Sublimno! You think you're all that, but you're not!

(Upgrade's body slowly turned to dust and was gone in the wind soon)


(Upgrade, Jr. took the legacy of his father. His objective is to kill Sublimno, find his twin who is lost at sea, and after all that, find his father's dust)

(Sublimno killed Upgrade, Jr. and became a mecamorph mutant, claiming he is the new Upgrade)

(He soon destroys the universe and time and space)

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